Our Products


The Heavy Duty Reflective Culvert Marker is Bridge Creek Culverts very own patent pending product. It is designed to stand up in the harshest weather conditions and to withstand extreme force or pressure. • Available in red or yellow • Use to mark ground hazards, culverts, cisterns, wells, etc. • 5’ heavy duty tube with reflective tape on the top • Powder coated base and galvanized cable for durability • Installation hardware included


Culverts are used in water retention and drainage applications. CSP (Corrugated Steel Pipe) can be welded or bended and can come in different diameters, lengths and thicknesses with several coating options available. Coupler styles, lids and water gates are also used to enhance the pipes versatility.


Products such as woven or non-woven geotextiles often referred to as filter cloth help in soil retention or separation. It assists in stabilization and reinforcement of banks often with the use of aggregates. It helps to eliminate the need for so much rip-rap and prevents erosion along with products such as coconut matting, wattles, silt-fence, and geogrids.


The Beavercone product bolts onto the end of your culvert, allowing your culverts to remain free flowing from debris formed by animals. The beavercone is heavy duty and powder coated with no stream bed destruction. For more information, go to


M100 Rifle Gun Light and easy automatic staple gun that can pin virtually anything to the ground with ease. Durable in construction with interchangeable parts, the Rifle M100 works on hard and frozen ground conditions. The most reliable manual staple gun in the industry. Please contact us for more information on the rental or purchase.


Scrap culverts are available to purchase at a discounted rate. Sizing and prices differ.